Transform your Team

In addition to the conference program, we offer an individualized conference journey for Leadership Teams with up to seven participants. This curated and guided Festival experience is hosted by Quadriga Professors, who will curate the Festival program to your company’s needs and offer tailor-made advice to solve your specific team challenge.

If you would like to receive more information please contact Torben Werner:

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HR, Sales, Communications and Marketing Teams: Which advice do you need to develop your team? Reach out to us.

Development of festival schedule and customized workshop for your needs by a Quadriga Professor.

Quadriga Professors guide your Team through the Festival: Enjoy the program, your team workshops and One-on-One meetings with speakers. Set goals.

Review of your goals with Quadriga Professor and adaptation of plan where necessary.

The Professors

“Transform Your Team” is curated by the professors of the Quadriga University Berlin.

They are your mentors for the exclusive Leadership Program “Transform Your Team”. Whilst being experts in their field, they research and teach their core discipline in the bigger context of transformation and digitization.