Workshops And Barcamps

Workshops Thursday and Friday 14.30 – 16.30

Transform your company - Organizational agility in a digitized world

Let’s face reality – right now is the slowest pace of change that we’ll ever experience in our lives, yet it feels pretty fast to us. To help work through this, we created a truly unique experience designed to push boundaries and challenge participants to think differently about the issues of today and tomorrow. A real-time learning environment that brought our best thinking not in a conference room, but into the real world. Like most future-thinking products, this is an experiment.


  1. Key Impulses: Immersive Future Gallery
    Explore 4 key levers within the future organization
  2. Re-Framing: Framestorming
    Crowdsource, reframe, and prioritize the most pressing questions
  3. Re-Thinking: Synthesis Hackathon
    Assess your own organizations’ maturity and develop a business canvas out of it
  4. Re-Shaping: Action Planning
    Create a roadmap for a future orientated agile & digital organization

Please note: this workshop will end 18:30.

Moderator: Kai Anderson 

Workshop instructors:
Konrad Deiters, Global Consulting Leader Career and M&A Transaction Services EuroPac, Mercer
Cynthia Wenzel, Principal, Promerit AG
Andreas Gömmel, Manager, Promerit AG
Christina Rademacher, Manager, Promerit AG
Sebastian Unterreitmeier, Managing Consultant, Promerit AG

The mindset of digital leadership - 8 roles for leadership in the digital world

The perfect toolbox for digital leadership does not exist. Rather, digital transformation calls for a mindset that embraces paradox and complexity. In this workshop, experts from LEAD Academy will build on the latest findings in science and business practice to help you understand how to lead in complexity. As a participant you will dive into your individual leadership approach and mindset based on the LEAD Digital Leadership Profile (which you can take here (link)) and develop actionable next steps together with peers.

Workshop instructor:

Ben Sahlmüller, Coach and Advisor, LEAD Academy

Recode Relations: Rituals as drivers of Digital Transformation

It’s common in religion, pedagogics, psychotherapy and politics: To initiate big changes, people often move slowly and incorporate rituals. How can managers transform a business by using rituals? In this workshop with Matthias Wesselmann, Board Member of fischerAppelt AG, you will develop rituals for your business and a guide on how to use them as drivers for transformation. Think of them as „recoding“ the corporate attitude of your business and team members.

Workshop instructor:

Matthias Wesselmann, Member of the Board, fischerAppelt

How will you delight your customer tomorrow?

Please never write a vacancy for Chief Digital Officer. Or for VP or disruption. One function you need however. Distributed throughout your team. A Chief Delight officer. Incorporated into the DNA of each employee. Delight is the experience that comes closest to magic, something for which you can’t prepare. Delight thinking is the ability to surprisingly discover and use or implement something that was unknown before. Dealing with the unknown and with change (the only constant of the future) is what will keep you and your company relevant and “young”, avoid to become obsolete. Using a fireworks of examples, I show how to delight your customer, by simply removing friction, hacking people’s perspective, connecting a few dots, … A crash course in the magic secrets of Delight.

Workshop instructor:

Koen Kas, Founder Healthscouts

Barcamps Saturday 13.30 – 14.45

Mindset & Culture Communications for Transformation & Change

Klaus Motoki Tonn is agency founder, advisor and researcher for digital and innovation topics. He initiated sh|ft, which is an interdisciplinary format fostering discourse on digital, ethics and culture. On Saturday, sh|ft will be our guest at TYB with four different barcamps. Motoki Tonn hosts the barcamp „Mindset & Culture Communications for Transformation & Change“, which discusses Corporate Mindset as a tool for managers to influence corporate culture and transformation.

Barcamp instructor:

Klaus Motoki Tonn, CEO Lumen and founder shlft

Future of HR

Marlin Watling, former Head of HR at Roche Diagnostics Operations, brings 15 years of HR experience in major businesses to the Barcamp table. He has held senior positions in strategic human relations management and focuses on transformation and change management, as well as the future of HR.

With Marling Watling, you will discuss the future of HR at the Barcamp on Saturday. Which role does corporate HR play in the transformation of businesses? Is there an ROI for transformation?

Barcamp instructor:

Marlin Watling, former Head of HR Roche Diagnostics Operations

Design Thinking

Melina Costa is Co-Founder of Coaeva, a Berlin-based innovation agency, which helps organisations to develop new product ideas and business models in an agile and creative manner. She hosts the podcast „Making the New“ about the innovation scene in Germany and works as a business journalist.

Her Barcamp on Saturday will introduce you to Design Thinking as an intelligent tool to solve complex problems. With hands-on practices you will experience the main characteristics of Design Thinking, which is one of the most successful methods for user-centered innovation.

Barcamp instructor:

Melina Costa, Co-Founder Coeva Innovations

Meaningful Disruption

Daniel Nowack describes himself as a data-driven innovator. He has been directing corporate accelerator programs for Yunus Social Business for many years. He held various roles in startups such as CEO, CFO and Head of Business Development, following a career at international companies such as Siemens, McCain and IKEA. His Barcamp on Saturday will focus on „Meaningful Disruption“. He will introduce you to new ways for businesses to write not only „Science Fiction“, but also „Social Fiction“ with the help of accelerator programs, intranpreneurship and innovative Spin-Offs.

Barcamp instructor:

Daniel Nowack, Head of Business Development Yunus Social Business