Tuesday May 8th, 2018

See you in September!

Annual strategic workshops are an important routine for senior management. However, they often lack inspirational input – one of the most important ingredients for cutting edge strategic thinking. Taking place hidden away in the countryside, they are explicitly designed to focus the management team rather than to broaden perspectives and provide external expertise.

With Transform your Business we offer a setting that allows for both: Focused  development within your management team, but in a setting that is equally inspirational while providing valuable input and expert views on crucial future developments in technology and business models. Together with the professors of Quadriga University Berlin, you will develop a results-oriented program and a tailor-made workshop for your management team, making the most of the know-how, thought-leadership and innovative thinking of our international experts and keynote speakers. Be inspired and join us in late September 2018.”

Prof. Dr. Andrea Kindermann
Professor for Digital Transformation