Digital technologies change and shape the world we live in. Organisations are challenged to adapt or risk to be left behind. But transforming an organization as a leader is difficult. Leaders have to ask themselves:


  • What will your team or organization do in the future?
  • How will it prosper and thrive?
  • And how do you personally want to change your organization and the world beyond it?


In a scientific study, the think tank LEAD Academy asked start-up founders, business executives and top leaders from state institutions and NGOs about their leadership secrets. LEAD found a clear pattern: Instead of one right style of digital leadership, leaders need to switch between 8 Leadership Roles to deal with change. In preparation for the Transform Your Business Festival, Quadriga University and LEAD are partnering to give you exclusive access to get your individual digital leadership profile for free. This includes:


  • Your personal Leadership Profile
  • An overview of your strengths along the 8 Leadership Roles
  • Recommendations how to become a better leader in the digital age
  • A framework for your digital leadership journey
  • An overview on where you can learn more about the 8 roles at the TYB Festival


But this is not where it ends!

At Transform Your Business Festival you will get the chance to meet with leadership experts from LEAD to further analyse your current situation and come up with an action plan for the challenges that you have. Plus, many speakers at TYB will address leadership in a digital age.

LEAD Academy is a non-profit leadership academy and think tank based in Berlin. We believe that the digital world requires more leadership from everyone. Our workshops and research connect leaders from all sectors to learn new skills and mindsets and drive the change they want to see in their organisations.

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences is committed to the training and development of executives from communications, politics and public affairs, human resources, sales and marketing, as well as organisational and business development. The goal is to provide a holistic, multidisciplinary and globally facing understanding of managment.