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About the Festival

Transform Your Business is an international business festival hosted by Quadriga University Berlin. It is the only Festival on Digital Transformation in Europe with additional focus on Corporate Communication, Marketing and Human Relations. We expect 300 participants from international businesses.

It is a platform for European professionals to discuss technology trends like AI, New Work, Data Analytics and how they can be applied to HR, Sales, Communication and Marketing.

The festival is not about abstract speculation, but about getting concrete and tangible advice for your corporate strategy for 2020 and beyond. From the 13th to the 15th of September in Berlin, in one of the most creative and entrepreneurial spaces in Europe.

The TYB program is final. Please download the full program here.

Transform Your Company

When will my business model die? Most business leaders understand the need for change, but don’t know how to implement change like agile organisational development, new business models and digital strategy. At Transform Your Business you will make the jump from Know-Why to Know-How.

Transform Your Unit

Who drives Transformation? People do: leaders, colleagues, stakeholders. Your ability to take them onto the journey with you decides about success or failure of your business. Learn about team building, new work, agile leadership and about how to implement a corporate culture that drives change.

Transform Your Relations

Your business relates to clients, products, suppliers, competitors. All of them are agents of digital transformation and so are you. Learn about optimizing your supply chain, master new ways to create a dialogue between you and your customer.

Transform Your Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is anything that surrounds us day by day – as working individuals and members of society. Digital transformation changes our infrastructure, our devices, our homes, our currency and maybe even our society model.

Transform Yourself

You are not only you – you are digital you, mobile you, quantified you, smart you. Will technology make us better friends, employees, activists, lovers?


Visionaries and masterminds on future trends driving society, culture and business.

Re-Thinking Workshops

Developing a digital mindset is no rocket science. Our Workshop Leaders will make you to Re-Think what you thought you knew and help you apply the learnings to your individual business case.

Mindsetting Journey

On our mindsetting journeys through Berlin you will visit the most agile startups of new work and technology on our Startup Tour. Besides that, we introduce you to the most exciting corporate Accelerators in our Accelerator Tour. Explore future forms of work where they happen and have a chat with future thinkers and future doers.

Best Cases

Corporates who are setting benchmarks in business development give insights into their success stories. Special focus on digital transformation in HR, Sales, Communication and Marketing.


Spot on a digital skill indispensable for mastering digital transformation in your team or business. Presented by game changers of the industry.


Polarization as a strategy in politics and business – How does the current political atmosphere in Europe influence businesses? Do decision makers in our society understand citizen and why should corporates care?

Startup Slam

Berlins most exciting new businesses on stage introducing themselves in an elevator pitch.

TYB Party

Celebrate with speakers and fellow corporates above the Berlin rooftops. Music, food and Live performances hosted by fischerAppelt in their Wonderland Studios in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

Digital Leadership Test

Presentation of the European „Transform Your Business“ Study conducted by Quadriga University, which provides insights into how European businesses handle transformation.


Visionaries and masterminds on the trends driving today’s society, culture, and businesses.

Alan N. Shapiro

Alan N. Shapiro

Technologist, Future Designer and Transdisciplinary Thinker

Alan N. Shapiro is an acclaimed transdisciplinary thinker on digital culture, who has left New York City for a permanent life in Europe “to have more personal freedom”. After studying science-technology at MIT and philosophy-history-literature at Cornell University, he worked on Wall Street and other industries as a software developer and IT consultant. He has been a keynote speaker at many academic and business conferences and is very active in the Creative Coding movement. A special research interest of his is the impact on our lives and society of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, robots and androids, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. At Transform Your Business he will examine how state of the art-technologies are transforming our ecosystem and our businesses.
Hans-Christian Boos

Hans-Christian Boos

Founder and CEO
arago GmbH

Chris Boos is on a mission to empower human potential, free up time for creativity and innovative thinking through artificial intelligence (AI). To that end, Chris founded arago in Germany in 1995, pushing existing boundaries in AI technology to build a general AI for companies to reinvent their business models in the digital age. A strong believer in integrating machine reasoning and machine learning, Chris is constantly challenging current thinking on AI. He is a strategic corporate and political advisor, angel investor, much respected public speaker and thought-leader on issues of global importance, such as the man-machine-relationship, the way societies deal with information and the future of labor.
Annette Winkler

Annette Winkler

CEO and director of Smart Automobile
Daimler AG

As Head of smart, Annette Winkler has been steering the Daimler AG division for the highly agile urban smart cars since 2010. In her role, Dr. Winkler headed the development of the new car generation including fully electric versions of the entire smart fleet. She keeps taking urban mobility to the next level by adding more and more services from sharing to all kinds of innovative convenience features. At TYB, she will speak about strategy, leadership and transforming Urban Mobility.
Dorothee Bär

Dorothee Bär

Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages
Deutscher Bundestag

State Minister Dorothee Bär, member of the Bundestag for the Christian Social Union (CSU), is the Federal Government Commissioner for Digital Affairs, a position that was newly established this year. It acknowledges digital transformation as the driving force in economics in the coming years. The German government has announced a digital strategy, which seeks to promote digital change in Germany and prepare the economy for the future. Dorothee Bär will speak about the correlation of politics and business to implement digital strategy and innovation.


Transform Your Business invites international pioneers, experts and entrepreneurs from businesses, applied sciences and consultancies to present the lessons they’ve learned. Let experts train, coach and teach you over 3 days of keynotes, panels, and workshops.

More information about the program of speakers will be announced soon.

From Buzz to Business

From Know-Why to Know-How

Transform your Team

In addition to the main program, we offer an individualized conference journey for executive leadership teams. This curated and guided festival experience is hosted by Quadriga Professors, who will personalize the festival program to your company’s needs. As well as the main program, your team will enjoy tailor-made workshops to solving your team’s specific challenge and One-on-Ones with keynote speakers.

If you are interested in holding your annual teambuilding workshop at Transform Your Business, please contact Torben Werner:

Become a Partner

The festival’s program is focused on business transformation in an inspirational setting. It takes place at Alte Münze, a former coin mint, one of Berlin’s most vibrant campuses for social startups. Become part of the Festival Journey and have your team meet highly motivated leaders, entrepreneurs and ready-to-engage decision makers. Contact the Quadriga team to receive more information on how to become a partner of Transform Your Business.

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